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The true story on how this trader has written himself monthly R20,000 pay cheques trading Forex since he was 25 years old

And how you can use his simple strategy to do the same



Timon Rossolimos already closed 4 massive winning trades for his Red Hot Storm Trader subscribers in 2016 using the patterns in this report!

  • On 14 January he banked a 25.86% gain on a Reinet trade
  • On 28 January he banked a 14.37% gain on a Bidvest trade
  • On 9 February he banked 50.23% gain on a FirstRand trade
  • On 29 February he banked a 18.64% gain on a Growthpoint trade

Dear frustrated Forex trader...

Meet Timon Rossolimos...

On a monthly basis, he writes on average a R20,000 pay cheque for himself from trading. He doesn’t even have to give up his day job to do it...

You see, this money-making-genius has been trading since the age of 16.

But when Timon started trading it wasn’t smooth sailing for him. In fact, it wasn’t smooth sailing at all.

He made every trading mistake possible...

He let his losing trades run, he allowed himself to be influenced by the media, companies and individual traders.

He tagged profits prematurely. And he doubted trades and relied on guesswork...
But the biggest mistake he made wasn’t sticking to his own strategy.
It was only when Timon was 23 and had seven years of experience under his belt that  he started banking the 300% gains he was looking for.

You see, he’d finally developed a winning strategy and it’s proven to be a consistent  winner ever since.

And that’s why he’d like to share this strategy with you today.


Why is Timon sharing his strategy?

Timon knows what it feels like to lose money on Forex trades...

And he doesn’t want any trader to have the same experience.

That’s why he currently mentors a private group of 760 Forex traders. And today he’s inviting you to become one of them.

Here’s what some of his fellow traders had to say about him..."

Timon you’re a rockstar. I just banked R8,000 profit on the USD/CHF long trade" 

"This was an excellent start for me. It was easy to understand and approach – Jacob Tau"

"I know and have followed Timon Rossolimos for a couple of years. The understanding what he has on the market and especially trading is remarkable. What makes him stand out from the rest is his money management and his impeccable risk reward trades."
– P.S 

"My first trade gave me R35,000 excluding my initial investment. I will recommend you to any person who is serious about making money and a lot of money” – V.N

"All can say as someone who has never traded is that now I am more confident to call a broker and start trading. I am more informed than ever.” – Samson"

It is always a pleasure interacting with him as a fellow trader. His advice is normally excellent and he is not a risk taker." P.S

"Just a note of appreciation Timon, on your money management (Risk calculator) tips. You helped me to better understand and manage my losses by your stop loss tips and how much of my portfolio money I should risk losing. I used to just dive head on when trading and worry about the rest later which now I realise was very foolish. You see, Timon takes a realistic approach to trading..."

He takes into account the psychology and mindset of trading and wants to help boost trading confidence and general well-being.

With Timon’s strategy you’ll also be able bank an average of R20,000 a month simply trading Forex...

YES! I want to use Timon's strategy
to become a successful Forex trader

Timon’s six pattern strategy is the secret to his success

Timon wants nothing more than for your trading to be smooth sailing and successful.

He also wants you to have peace of mind when it comes to your trades…

You see Timon uses a six pattern strategy to bank his Forex gains every month.

And he wants you to have them...


•    So you can discover how to apply the crown, rectangle, W, half circle and triangle formations.

•    Learn how to manage your trades better.

•    You’ll never have to rely on market guesswork again.

•    You’ll be able to create your own trading game-plan.

•    You’ll never have to stretch beyond your financial and individual trading boundaries again.

And the best part is you really don’t need a lot of money to trade with!

In fact Timon believes you only need R5,000 to trade with so you can start banking profits.

And to make things even more interesting, you only need R500 to start trading Forex. The same amount you'll need to fill up an average car these days.

So with just a few little patterns and good money management rules, the basic principles applied when trading on the stock-market remain time-less…

You’ll be able to trade Forex successfully.

YES! I want to use Timon's strategy
to become a successful Forex trader

At only R597: it’s practically a giveaway...

Timon reveals his six pattern strategy to you in Six Forex Profit Patterns.

The cost? Just R597

That’s R597 to discover the secrets to banking R20,000 a month on Forex.

With Timon’s strategy in your hands, you could more than double that, with your first profit...

Timon is letting you use his strategy just so you don’t lose any more money on your Forex trades.

He wants as many people as possible to use his strategy, because he doesn’t believe in keeping working strategies to himself.  And that’s why he insists on keeping the price low.

He would’ve wanted another trader to do the same thing for him.

Get Free Forex trading resources to the value of R500 – absolutely free

Get your hands on Six Forex Profit Patterns today and you’ll also receive:

~ The Ultimate Forex Risk Calculator
This is the only calculator you'll ever need to calculate your Forex profits. And it's designed in a way for you to monitor your Forex success on a daily basis

~ A special broker letter 
With this little letter, you'll find the brokers that Timon highly recommends you start trading Forex. Not only that, Timon has arranged, special discounts and offers for you if you sign up with these brokers. 

~ Three top Forex calendars
You need to know what's going on in the big world of Forex trading. And so Timon has found the most accurate Forex news sites. By having these calendars, you'll know when the best time to trade Forex

~ The most exclusive Forex glossary
You'll also get the A-Z Forex glossary. This will help you to understand any term that is thrown at you during your course of trading Forex
This alone can speed up your Forex trading knowledge for your future. 

~ A quick currency converter
Timon wants to share with you the one place where you can monitor live Forex prices, FOR FREE, FOREVER.

Plus Timon’s giving you a 7-day money-back guarantee because he is so confident that his six pattern strategy will work for you too. If at any point during this period you feel like his strategy isn’t working for you... Simply let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.

You have nothing to lose, and a R20,000 pay cheque to gain.

Here’s to successful Forex trading.

Aiden Sookdin, Chairman of the South African Investor

P.S With Timon’s Six Forex Profit Patterns and his free calculators you’ll have a better trading experience and gain a consistent flow of profits from your trades, so you too can write your own Forex pay cheque.


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